Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing: The Make Money Selling Other People’s Products Course for Bloggers

Let others do the hard work while you make the money

Affiliate marketing allows you to make money without having to create products or deal with customers.

How perfect is that?

Will affiliate marketing work with your audience and your blog?

This is really the question that you need to ask yourself. It’s easy for me to say that you can make thousands of dollars each month with affiliate marketing, but does that really apply to everybody?


The blogs that do the best with affiliate marketing are the ones that have audiences that are willing to purchase products.

If your audience doesn’t have a need to purchase any product or service then what are they going to buy?

If you know that your audience loves to buy products or services then affiliate marketing is a perfect match for you.

Yes, yes, yes! Affiliate marketing sounds perfect for my blog!

Let me tell you a little about making money.

Affiliate marketing is my second favorite way to make money behind selling products.

In fact, in some niches, I’d much rather do affiliate marketing because it means I don’t have to bother with making a product or handling customer service.

If you can really nail down your affiliate marketing strategy then you’re in a very, very good place.

While Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing shows you the basics of affiliate marketing, it goes much further beyond that. It helps you understand WHY people click on affiliate links and HOW you can convince them to make a purchase before they even click the link.

Affiliate marketing is much more than simply placing random links in your blog posts, getting traffic, and hoping that things work out.

It’s about doing things with intention. Learn what type of posts bring in potential buyers and understand what you need to do when they get there to increase your affiliate marketing revenue.

“I’d like to say that you have definitely proved your point. I’d buy your courses if they barely had any more value than your emails just so the structure would be more book-like than a list of emails.”
Joshua Baker

Why I ♥ Affiliate Marketing

One of my first big blogs was in the health and fitness niche.

I’m not a health and fitness guy really.

You aren’t going to see me on the cover of a book with six-pack abs.

So this was kind of an awkward fit for me, but I do enjoy being healthy.

Ads are great, but it takes time to build up that kind of traffic to make them worthwhile.

However, with affiliate marketing you can start out the gates from day 1 with a chance of making money.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you bring in. With affiliate marketing you have a chance to make a sale with every single person that comes to your site.

I put up some affiliate products on the site and I was making a little bit of money. This was cool!

I started studying what products people were buying in relation to where they were buying them from and I noticed something. If you can show people a link to a product that they believe they need at just the right time, you’re golden!

So I started another site.

This one had a more specific niche attached to it.

I set up a small email campaign with a very, very cheap product. I’m talking so cheap you’d wonder what’s the point.

Well, after a couple of months this started happening:

If you’re wondering what the product was I have no problem showing you.

Here it is.


Water enhancer.

Thousands of dollars each month from that.

Crazy, right?

Learn How to Sell

Affiliate marketing is more than finding a good product and putting up links on your blog posts. You have to learn how to sell, but I don’t mean in the slimy way.

I mean in a way that is beneficial to both you and your audience.

Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing walks you through the thought process of your audience and shows you how you can hit them at the right time with your offer to give yourself the best chance of success.

There is no reason why you should wait months to start making money with your blog when you can start today.

Not Everyone Is a Bluehost Groupie

Do people that talk about successful affiliate marketing only make money with Bluehost?

It can seem that way but that isn’t the case. 

In Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing you’ll learn how to find the right products for your audience and present them in a way that gives you the best chance of success.

Are you ready to...​

1. Understand Why People Buy

If you don't know why people buy things then you have no chance of doing well with affiliate marketing.

3. Target the Right People

It's much easier to make a sale when you target the right person. Stop throwing a net out and hoping you catch the right fish.

2. Create the Right Content

If you can't create the right type of content that is perfect for affiliate marketing then you're doing this blind.

4. Increase Your Revenue Each Month

The goal of affiliate marketing is to continue to create revenue assets (content) that over time increase your revenue each month.

Over 1,800 students have taken Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing to grow their blog traffic. Isn’t it your turn to get a piece of the pie?

What’s inside?

The course is a mixture of text and video. It’s mostly text to make it easier to consume and video is only used when something specific needs to be shown.


About Affiliate Marketing

  • What Is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Why Affiliate Marketing?
  • Support

Effective Affiliate Marketing

  • C.A.T.: You Better Have Some
  • Authority
  • Trust
  • The Buyer’s Lifecycle
  • The Best Traffic

Affiliate Programs

  • How to Find Affiliate Programs
  • What to Look for in an Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing Strategies

  • Reviews
  • How-to’s
  • Resource Page
  • Gift Guides
  • Interviews

Affiliate Marketing Workflow

  • The Goal
  • The Product
  • Points of Attack

Choose the Best Option for You

Everybody has a different goal that they want to achieve.

However, one goal will always be the same and that is to build a successful blog that makes good money.

I’ve created a couple of different options for you to fit the rest of your goals on your journey for building a successful blog that allows you more freedom in life.

The Course


Get lifetime access to Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing including all bonuses. If you’re ready to use Affiliate Marketing to grow your blog income then this is the perfect option for you.

This option includes:

  • Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing

The Money Framework

$447 $349

If you want to diversify your revenue then you’ll want the Blog Simple Money Framework.

You’ll get lifetime access to both Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing, Affiliate Revenue Engines, and Ad Revenue Engines.

Put more eggs in more baskets.

This bundle includes:

  • Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing
  • Affiliate Revenue Engines
  • Ad Revenue Engines

The Blog Simple Framework

$899 $599

Want to learn all aspects of building a successful blog?

With the Blog Simple Framework you’ll learn how to build a money-making blog from beginning to end.

This bundle includes:

  • Blog Simple Bootcamp
  • Blog Simple Niche Selection
  • Blog Simple Content Creation
  • Blog Simple WordPress
  • Blog Simple GeneratePress
  • Blog Simple Elementor
  • Blog Simple Pinterest
  • Blog Simple SEO
  • Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing
  • Blog Simple List Building
  • Ad Revenue Engines
  • Affiliate Revenue Engines

Frequently Asked Questions

I can’t. Why? Because I don’t have to do the work.

You do.

However, I can guarantee that I share everything that I know about affiliate marketing to give you the best shot of success and I’ll continue to share new things as I learn them.

Yep. 30 days. No questions asked.

Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer.


Because there are a lot of different variables that will contribute to your success. You might have a Pinterest pin go viral within the first 3 weeks or you might need more time to get your content to a place that people love it.

Everybody has different life schedules and life happens, so all I can suggest is that you put as much time into your blog early on as you possibly can.

Of course!

Within the course you’ll be shown how to Blog Simple Framework’s Slack Community. You’ll also have the ability to email me when needed.