Beautiful Blog. Beautiful Traffic. Beautiful Money.

Over the years we have helped 1000s of bloggers build successful blogs and we’ve noticed something.

Those with successful blogs, those that make $1,000+ a month, always seem to have better designs than those that don’t.

It’s no coincidence.

More and more people every single day are turning to blogs to get their information and they want to be able to grab that information without any obstacles.

The problem is that many blogs make it very hard to get to that information. In fact, in some cases, they make it impossible!

But how can that be when all of the content seems to be readily available?

The answer is bad design.

More specifically bad user experience.

What’s that?

Have you ever bought something only to find that it comes in that annoying plastic packaging that requires a chainsaw to open?

That’s bad user experience.

Blogs do the same thing when they make their text too tiny and too light. When they have so many ads that finding content on your phone becomes a game of Where’s Waldo?

When people can’t find your content then they leave your site. This means that you get higher bounce rates (not good) and lower time on site averages (really not good). Why does this matter?

Because Google doesn’t want to send people to sites that they see other people don’t want to be on.

If you’re all about that Pinterest traffic then site design also plays a huge role. If someone clicks on one of your pins, goes to your site, and sees a terrible user experience then how likely are they to save the pin and share it with others?

The fact of the matter is that design matters.

The harder your design is to use, the harder it is to make your blog successful.

It’s hard enough to create awesome content that people love. There is no reason to make your life harder by having a blog design that people don’t love.

The Design Trinity

Every site that I own (20+) uses a combination of WordPress, GeneratePress, and Elementor.

I call these the Design Trinity of Blog Design.


Because they make it every easy to get a design that is both extremely usable and extremely good looking.

Using these tools allows me to get a site up and running with a design that I love in less than 30 minutes and now I’m going to show you how I do it.

Say Hello to the Blog Beautiful Framework

The idea of building a successful blog that makes thousands of dollars each month is a very attractive thought.

What isn’t attractive is figuring out all of the technology.

I feel ya.

That’s why the Blog Beautiful Framework takes the burden of having to figure out the technology behind blogging out of your hands.

Instead, you’ll be able to go through a course that walks you through all of the steps necessary to build a beautiful looking blog.

In fact, I’ll show you how I created the design for Bogoten, my home decor blog.

Stop worrying about how something is done and spend time getting it done yourself.

What’s Inside?

Module 1: Setting Up Your Blog on Siteground

Starting from scratch and need to know how to get your WordPress blog set up? No worries. I’ll walk you through how to get your blog set up on Siteground so you can get jump right into creating the blog that you want.

(Note: Siteground hosting is not required to use this course. However, a WordPress install on some hosting platform is.)

Module 2: WordPress I – Tour

In this module you’ll take a tour of WordPress to get yourself familiar with it. It might look intimidating but it’s really not that bad especially when you realize all of the stuff that you don’t need to use.

Module 3: GeneratePress I – Free

In this module you’ll design a blog using the free version of GeneratePress. Quickly learn how easy this WordPress theme is to use and customize.

Module 4: GeneratePress II – Premium

Time to take your GeneratePress skills up a level as we go over the premium version of GeneratePress.

[Bonus] Module: GeneratePress III – Bogoten

This is where you’ll learn how to build Bogoten and you’re more than welcome to use the design for yourself.

Module 5: Elementor

You don’t need to use 3rd party services to build beautiful landing pages. We will cover Elementor and build out a landing page that I use for my own products.

Get Started Building Your Beautiful Blog Today

Every single person that visits your blog and leaves right away because of the design is another lost customer. You can continue to chase people away or you can keep them around longer because they enjoy their new surroundings.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Because I believe in you being satisfied with your purchase and getting more than you expect out of it if you purchase the Blog Beautiful Framework and feel it isn’t for you then simply let me know and I’ll refund your money.