Blog Simple Bootcamp

Avoid the Early Mistakes That Most Bloggers Make and Start Blogging Today

25,000+ Bloggers Have Gone Through the Bootcamp. It Looks Like You're Up Next.

Nobody wants to start a blog stumbling out of the gates.

The biggest thing that holds bloggers back is indecisiveness. They feel they need to know everything before they can begin.

While that isn’t true another problem with this thinking is that you have no idea what things you even need to know so how is it possible to begin?!

The Blogging Bootcamp is meant to give you the overview of blogging that will make you dangerous. That will allow you to ask the right questions and go down the right paths.

Instead of wondering what comes next, you’ll have an understanding of how blogging works so you won’t feel like you’re missing something.

Is this all I need for success?

It’s possible that this is all that you need to build a successful blog. Many people have taken this bootcamp and ran with it.

Others have wanted a deeper dive into each subject and that’s why Blog Simple Framework has courses that cover these things.

I’m not here to pretend that this course at this price is the end all, be all of blogging.

There is a lot to blogging, but you need too start somewhere. Consider this your starter pack.

I’d like to say that you have definitely proved your point. I’d buy your courses if they barely had any more value than your emails just so the structure would be more book-like than a list of emails.
Joshua Baker

What's Inside?

The 13-Day Blogging Bootcamp

The whole 13-Day Blogging Bootcamp. Forget waiting 2 weeks to get all of the information. 

Get access to everything right from the start without having to wait around. 

Purchase once, keep this information forever. No need to search your inbox.

The 13-Day Blogging Bootcamp includes:

  1. ARE vs BRE
  2. Choosing a niche
  3. About Pinterest
  4. What do they want?
  5. How are you going to make money?
  6. Your sales funnel
  7. Email opt-ins
  8. Choosing a web host
  9. Choosing a theme
  10. Your Content, Part I
  11. Your Content, Part II
  12. The Launch
  13. The Future

[Bonus] Setting Up Your WordPress Blog

It’s great to have the info from the Blogging Bootcamp readily available to you but what do you do with that information?

With the excitement that will build up as you go through the Bootcamp you’ll want to get your blog set up.

Instead of being scared about technology, let me walk you through the simple steps that are required to get your blog up and running.

Videos Lessons include:

  • Finding the right domain
  • Hosting with SiteGround
  • Installing a SSL Certificate
  • Adding legal pages
  • Installing Google Analytics
  • Installing Google Search Console
  • Setting up email with Gsuite
  • Installing themes
  • Improving site speed

No Need to Wait...

You shouldn’t start your journey with a terrible foundation. I created this Blogging Bootcamp to help people understand why some people make it and most don’t.

This is all from my experience of running 20+ blogs over the years.

Money Back Whenever

If you hate it and it’s not what you wanted for $19 then just ask for your money back.

Simple as that.