Blog Simple Content Creation: The Right Content Creation Course for Bloggers that Like Money

Stop Wasting Time Creating Content That Doesn’t Work

Crappy content will only get you so far with your traffic. If you want to start bringing the Big Numbers to your site then you need great content.

I’m going to show you how to create it in a way that’s easy to follow with a process that you can repeat over and over and over again.

How important is creating great content for your blog?

Almost every single problem related to a blog can be traced back to the content.

Low traffic? Probably not so great content.

Low revenue? Probably not so great content.

Small subscriber count? Probably not so great content.

Loss of enthusiasm? You’re probably creating tedious content that you don’t have fun with.

The difference between bloggers that start to make $5,000 a month and beyond versus those that struggle to see $100 is content.

It’s not a secret strategy that they use that nobody else knows about.

It’s having better content.

The content is more informative.

The content is more relatable.

The content simply resonates better with their audience.

Not being able to create great content means you can’t:

  • grow your traffic
  • grow your revenue
  • grow your audience
  • reach your goals

Blog Simple Content Creation makes sure that doesn’t happen.

“I’d like to say that you have definitely proved your point. I’d buy your courses if they barely had any more value than your emails just so the structure would be more book-like than a list of emails.”
Joshua Baker

Over 1,300 students have taken Blog Simple Content Creation to create better blogs. Time for you to catch up to them.

What’s inside?

The course is a mixture of text and video. It’s mostly text to make it easier to consume and video is only used when something specific needs to be shown.


About Content

  • Value & Marketing
  • WIIFM and Sides
  • Enjoy the Process

About Your Audience

  • Who Cares About Them?
  • Content Empathy Exercises

Content Planning

  • Let Others Do the Work
  • Social Media Content vs Search Engine Content
  • The Skyscraper Technique
  • Google
  • Pinterest + YouTube
  • Where to Start
  • Consistency

Content Creating

  • Creating Value
  • The 3 Content Archetypes
  • Scannability
  • Perfect Post Titles
  • The Introduction
  • The Body
  • The Conclusion
  • Editing Your Content

Creating Viral Content

  • About Viral Content
  • Virality on Networks
  • Why People Share
  • Emotions Are Contagious
  • Methods of Virality

Choose the Best Option for You

Everybody has a different goal that they want to achieve.

However, one goal will always be the same and that is to build a successful blog that makes good money.

I’ve created a couple of different options for you to fit the rest of your goals on your journey for building a successful blog that allows you more freedom in life.

The Course


Get lifetime access to Blog Simple Content Creation including all bonuses. If you’re ready to create better content that people love then here is your learning resource.

This option includes:

  • Blog Simple Content Creation

The Launch Framework

$154 $99

There is a lot that goes into launching a blog and setting yourself up for success.

It goes beyond buying a domain and purchasing some web hosting.

If you want to give your self the best chance of success then you need to make sure you have the foundation in place and that’s what the Blog Simple Launch Framework is for.

This option includes:

  • Blog Simple Bootcamp
  • Blog Simple Niche Selection
  • Blog Simple Content Creation
  • Blog Simple WordPress
  • Blog Simple GeneratePress
  • Blog Simple Elementor

The Blog Simple Framework

$899 $599

Want to learn all aspects of building a successful blog?

With the Blog Simple Framework you’ll learn how to build a money-making blog from beginning to end.

This bundle includes:

  • Blog Simple Bootcamp
  • Blog Simple Niche Selection
  • Blog Simple Content Creation
  • Blog Simple WordPress
  • Blog Simple GeneratePress
  • Blog Simple Elementor
  • Blog Simple Pinterest
  • Blog Simple SEO
  • Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing
  • Blog Simple List Building
  • Ad Revenue Engines
  • Affiliate Revenue Engines

Frequently Asked Questions



Because I don’t do the work.

You do. 

However, I can guarantee that within this course I’ve given you all of the tools you need to create killer content for your blog

Yep. 30 days.

No questions asked.

Creating quality content is a lifetime of learning.


Within the course you’ll be provided with details on how you can join the Blog Simple Framework Slack community and you’ll always have email access to me.