Blog Simple Pinterest: The Ultimate Pinterest Course for Bloggers

Start growing your blog traffic today.

Isn’t it time you tapped into the traffic platform that 1000s of others bloggers have learned to use to grow their blog?

Get the traffic that your blog deserves by using the world’s most popular visual search engine.

Is Pinterest right for you?

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Before I get you hyped up and excited about Pinterest I need you to find out if Pinterest is even right for you.

I really don’t want you spending money on an awesome Pinterest resource when it’s not going to help your business grow.

Don’t worry, I’m going to show you how to do that. Just watch this quick video.

Pinterest is perfect for my blog!

Wonderful so now let’s talk about the potential of Pinterest and why it can work so well for so many online businesses.

It’s important that you look at Pinterest as both a marketing platform and a search engine.

1. Visual Marketing Platform: It’s safe to assume that everything you see on Pinterest is an ad for some site. That’s awesome and Pinterest users don’t even notice.

2. Search Engine: People use Pinterest to bookmark inspiration but to also search for solutions. This is how you really succeed with Pinterest.

“I’d like to say that you have definitely proved your point. I’d buy your courses if they barely had any more value than your emails just so the structure would be more book-like than a list of emails.”
Joshua Baker

Why I ♥ Pinterest

When I first launched one of my blogs back in 2016 I was very excited about the millions of people that were going to come visit my site.

Well, apparently I have wild dreams that don’t meet expectations because in the first 90 days I only received 1,195 page views.

Womp. Womp.

But I saw other people were having success with Pinterest so I stuck with it. There had to be some logic to making this thing work.

Over the next 30 days something magical happened.

That’s right, the first 90 days I couldn’t get my neighbors to visit my site. The next 30 days I got almost 20x the amount of traffic.

Why? Pinterest.

What happened over the next couple of months is even crazier! Once you get a hold of Pinterest and understand its ins and outs it can truly become an awesome outlet for bringing traffic to your site.

Yes, that’s over a 90-day period again.

Now, it’s important to remember what I said in the video above. This happened for me because the site is in the health niche which does well on Pinterest. 

I’ve done well with a number of other niches as well because in general, they work well on Pinterest.

The Great Pinterest Update

In July 2019, Pinterest made a huge update that seemed to have dropped everybody’s Pinterest traffic.

The reality is that the traffic just became a lot more distributed.

But why?

To show you the level I go to so that I truly understand a topic before teaching it you can check out my Pinterest Update Report.

Are you ready to...​

1. Understand What Pinterest Wants

It's really hard to get the most out of a platform if you don't know what that platform wants. It's time to see what things Pinterest wants from you as a content creator.

3. Grow Your Traffic

Is there a point to being on Pinterest if you can't grow your traffic? The whole purpose of this course is show you how to grow your blog traffic with Pinterest not simply how to pin beautiful and inspiring images.

2. Create the Right Content

The content that you create is going to make or break your chances of success. Learn the right type of content to create and understand how to create it.

4. Spend Less Time On Pinterest

You want to use Pinterest but you don't want your whole life to be Pinterest. With a better understanding of how Pinterest works you can spend less time on it and more time working on your blog.

Over 1,800 students have taken Blog Simple Pinterest to grow their blog traffic. Isn’t it your turn to get a piece of the pie?

What’s inside?

The course is a mixture of text and video. It’s mostly text to make it easier to consume and video is only used when something specific needs to be shown.

Check out this lesson to understand the depth that is covered.

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  •  How This Course Works
  • The New Pinterest

About Pinterest

  • Ups & Downs of Pinterest
  •  Your Niche & Pinterest
  • Why Pinterest
  • What Pinterest Wants
  • Your Content
  • The Smart Home Feed
  • Pinterest SEO
  • Pinterest Search
  • Pinterest Followers

Profile Setup

  • Pinterest & Your Brand
  • Setting Up a Business Account
  • Profile Set Up
  • Perfect Board Setup
  • About Group Boards

Pins That Win

  • What Pins Work
  • Anatomy of a Great Pin Design
  • Pin Titles & Descriptions
  • Finding Stock Photography
  • About Rich Pins
  • Designing Pins in Canva
  • Designing Pins in Sketch

Pinterest & Your Site

  • Your Goals
  • The Site Experience
  • Using Images Wisely

Winning Pinning Strategy

  • Pinning Principles
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Keyword Analysis I
  • Keyword Analysis II
  • Keyword Analysis III
  • Getting Your Pins Onto Pinterest
  • Manual Pinning vs Scheduled Pinning

Manual Pinning Workflow

  • More About Manual Pinning
  • Tracking
  • New Pins: Hub/Source Boards
  • New Pins: Spoke Boards
  • New Pins Review
  • Active Pins: Pinterest Analytics & Notifications
  • Active Pins: Google Analytics

Using Tailwind

  • Why Tailwind?
  • Setting Up Your Account
  • The Scheduler & Board Lists
  • Batch Scheduling
  • Tribes
  • Tailwind Analytics

Choose the Best Option for You

Everybody has a different goal that they want to achieve.

However, one goal will always be the same and that is to build a successful blog that makes good money.

I’ve created a couple of different options for you to fit the rest of your goals on your journey for building a successful blog that allows you more freedom in life.

The Course


Get lifetime access to Blog Simple Pinterest including all bonuses. If you’re ready to use Pinterest to grow your blog traffic then this is the perfect option for you.

This option includes:

  • Blog Simple Pinterest

The Traffic Framework

$298 $249

If you want to diversify your traffic then you’ll want the Blog Simple Traffic Framework.

You’ll get lifetime access to both Blog Simple Pinterest and Blog Simple SEO.

Put more eggs in more baskets.

This bundle includes:

  • Blog Simple Pinterest
  • Blog Simple SEO

The Blog Simple Framework

$899 $599

Want to learn all aspects of building a successful blog?

With the Blog Simple Framework you’ll learn how to build a money-making blog from beginning to end.

This bundle includes:

  • Blog Simple Bootcamp
  • Blog Simple Niche Selection
  • Blog Simple Content Creation
  • Blog Simple WordPress
  • Blog Simple GeneratePress
  • Blog Simple Elementor
  • Blog Simple Pinterest
  • Blog Simple SEO
  • Blog Simple Affiliate Marketing
  • Blog Simple List Building
  • Ad Revenue Engines
  • Affiliate Revenue Engines

Frequently Asked Questions



Because I don’t do the work.

You do. 

However, I can guarantee that within this course I’ve given you all of the tools you need to be successful with Pinterest.

I also guarantee that as I continue to learn new things about Pinterest, I’ll continue to share them with you.

Yep. 30 days.

No questions asked.

Unfortunately, this is an impossible question to answer.


Because there are a lot of different variables that will contribute to your success. You might have a Pinterest pin go viral within the first 3 weeks or you might need more time to get your content to a place that people love it.

Everybody has different life schedules and life happens, so all I can suggest is that you put as much time into your blog early on as you possibly can.


Within the course you’ll be provided with details on how you can join the Blog Simple Framework Slack community and you’ll always have email access to me.