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Yep, Those Are Some Pretty Big Words

Gimmicks and Fads Can Get You From Point A to Point B. A Framework Will Get You to Z.

There is opportunity out there right now and you know it.

You’ve seen enough people succeed with blogging to know it’s viable. 

But is it for you?

Let me ask you something? When you build IKEA furniture do you follow the instructions?

If so then you’re building something following a framework.

It makes it easy and it gets you the final result that you desire.

That’s what I’ve always wanted when it comes to building an online business.

I chased temporary tactics and fads for too long with minimal results. My life only changed when I finally followed a framework that continued to work over and over and over gain.





Lives Remaining


A Simple Framework for a Profitable Blog Business

1. Build a Good Blog Foundation

First, you want to make sure that you build a strong foundation with your blog. The faster you do the right things, the faster you’ll get the right results.

2. Bring in the Right People

Your blog lives and dies by the people that you can attract. Understand who you want to target, how to find them, and then bring them home.

3. Make the Right Money

The goal isn’t to make side money. The goal is to make big money. To me, that means full-time job money and we start on day 1 looking for it. It’s a business, not a hobby.

The Blog Game Is Different

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See What Emily Accomplished

At the beginning of 2019, I told my husband my goal for my blog was to qualify for Mediavine by the end of the year. I had been stuck at 10K sessions for the longest time and knew I wanted to figure out how to grow and monetize my blog, but I just wasn't sure what else to do differently.

Shortly after sharing that goal, I stumbled upon Scrivs in a Facebook group for bloggers and joined his free email boot camp. By the end of the challenge, I knew I wanted to invest in my blogging education and this was the program that would help me move forward.

I appreciated Scrivs' no-nonsense approach and I loved that he didn't insist there was one right way to do everything. (I'm a rebel at heart, what can I say?) There is a lot of freedom to do your own thing within the structure he provides.

I invested in the Blog Simple Framework, and followed the simple steps to create better content for my blog. By the end of March, I qualified for Mediavine, meeting my goal for all of 2019 by the third month.

The drastic income increase between a new ad network and better affiliate earnings has certainly been a breath of fresh air for our family. It allows me to stay home with our kids and has helped create some financial breathing room as we get ready to welcome our 4th child into the world.

Even more important than the increased income is the sense of direction I now have for my website - not just as a blog, but as a long-term business. I never thought I would or could create my own product, but after following the Blog Simple Framework I've created and sold my first 2 (small) digital products.

I have changed my mindset as a travel blogger from "what cool places can I take my family?" to "how can I help other families with young children make travel easier and more realistic?" I also feel like the Blog Simple Framework has given me a calm confidence that I have all the tools and community support I need in this ever-fluctuating world of blogging and online business to succeed on my own terms.

The Blog Simple Framework was exactly what I needed to take my blog from a hobby earning a few dollars a month, to a real online business that helps support our family.

Emily Krause
A Mom Explores

I Couldn't Go Back...

I told my wife that I wasn’t going to work for anyone ever again.

That’s a pretty bold statement and when you say something like that you better have a plan.

I thought I did, but I really didn’t.

Every plan that I thought I had completely bombed.

Blogging was going to be my last shot.

Let me tell you, it’s not easy looking your partner in the face when they come home from work and ask (for the 100th time) “did you make any money today?

After 3 months and 1,195 TOTAL pageviews I knew something had to give.

But I had to figure this blog thing out first.

An hour walk later I had an epiphany. I ran home and tried some new things.

They worked. 

I continued to fine tune those things and uncover new ones.

2 years later later my blog was doing over 800,000 pageviews.

I cracked the code.

A Map to Follow

If you’ve tried to start a blog business and you didn’t succeed let me tell you that it’s NOT your fault.

A true blog business can’t be built on simple tactics that stop working after 3 months.

Everyone is always looking for the next “fix” to help them stay afloat.

I didn’t want to stay afloat. I wanted to rise. I wanted to create something special that removed the stress and worry from my life.

Most bloggers fail because they build their blogs on swamps. By the time they notice they’re sinking it’s too late.

Instead, your blog should be built on the foundation that is going to be around for AT LEAST the next decade making you money.

Kind of like this…

Making money with a blog

These are just two of my blogs. This money is only from ads.

It doesn’t include affiliate or product revenue. In fact, I consider ad revenue side money when it comes to a blog business.

When you start to add in product revenue that changes the equation even more.

You can make money by using a blog just like you can make money by advertising any other type of business.

You shouldn’t question if you can make money blogging still because the answer is “YES!”

I’ve helped over 2,000 people build blog businesses because they understand that the blog is just one part of the whole equation.

However, when you use a blog correctly, you begin to see results like this:

Building a Blog Business IS about making money and that’s okay.

You don’t have to be unique and try to follow your own path. You should follow the proven path that has worked for 100s of people before you.

It should be about building something that people love as much as you do.

Something that gets you to that lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

Something that you can be proud of and truly shows the potential that you have within you.

I joined BSF after trying – and failing yet again – to start my own business. But BSF turned out to be the business course/membership I didn’t know I needed. 

The value of being in BSF is far more than the courses alone (which are incredibly detailed and practical). The community – and direct involvement of Scrivs himself – is what makes it. The encouragement, support, and guidance from from others who know where you’re coming from, and are walking the same road, make a huge difference. Even when I was feeling overwhelmed and like I was making no progress, just checking in on Slack – not even engaging – helped keep me going.
I now have a small business, making money doing what I love. I still have big plans – and I know BSF will be there for me along the way.
– Joelle Brisland, Vardo Media

You Aren’t Them

Most people are okay with being average. They don’t want to bet on themselves.

A Blogger is different.

A Blogger is an entrepreneur and an entrepreneur knows that betting on themselves isn’t a risk.

It makes no sense to see millions of people from around the world succeed at creating an online business when they are no different than you.

Each of them simply found the system that works for them.

Most people don’t want to believe that a system exists. They want to believe that working a 9-5 job until they’re 89 IS the system.

They want you to think the same.

But you know better.

You just need the map and you’ll take the steps.


Here I am at my very last 9-5 job. I’m dead in the eyes and even the giant monkey can’t make me smile.

This wasn’t the life that I wanted so I decided to make a change.

As a Blog Simple Framework Member You're Going to...

Start a Blog Business Correctly

And I'm not talking about JUST the technical stuff. I'm talking about building a foundation that will last you for years.

Build an Amazing Brand People Love

Because this is a business it's going to live and die by the brand that you build over time. Let's build the best one possible.

Find the Perfect Product Ideas

Ad money is good, but product money is great. Unlock the perfect product ideas and be sure you're creating the right stuff.

Grow Your Audience

No audience, no business. But how do you grow your audience? You plant flags. Lots of them. Let's see where and how.

Develop a Winning Content Strategy

You never want to be caught in a situation where you aren't sure what to write next. Know what to write for the years to come.

Master Affiliate Marketing

How can you set your blog up for financial success from day 1? Affiliate marketing is right there waiting for you. Let's make it work.

Become an Authority

The best way to make a lot of money with your blog is to be seen as an authority. But what does that entail? Not as much as you think.

Create a Passive Income Machine

You're not doing this to create another job. You want to create something that allows you time away from things. That's true passive income.

Develop a Milionaire Mindset

Your mindset is the one thing truly separating you from blogging success. Unlock the mindset secrets that all successful bloggers use.

They’re Waiting for You

There is a group of people waiting for you to help them.

The problem is, the longer you take to show up, the more likely it is they’ll go and find someone else to help them.

People aren’t going to stop looking online for help. More and more people are going online everyday and relying on the advice and knowledge of people JUST LIKE THEM to help them out.

They are waiting for you.

But they won’t wait forever.

The 3 Frameworks

The Blog Simple Framework isn’t a single course. It’s 3 FULL Frameworks with 100s of lessons (and that’s without including all of the bonus material).

Each Framework tackles a big aspect of blogging allowing to you easily take each phase in stride.

Instead of having just a couple of lesson that covers a major aspect of blogging, you’ll be given complete walkthroughs of EVERYTHING that is needed to build a successful blog.

You’ll never be left wondering what is next.

The Blog Business Framework 

This is where it starts. You’ll learn how to get the right start with your blog by:

  • Finding the right money-making niche for you
  • Understanding the ONE person you’re really writing for
  • Setting up your site without any technical stress
  • Understanding how to structure your site in the best way for SEO
  • Unlocking years of content
  • Getting the most out of SEO
  • Building an audience and email list
  • [Bonus] Creating viral content
  • [Bonus] Mastering content marketing

The Blog Traffic Framework

You have a blog then you need traffic.

But how do you get it?

You use everything that works for your niche. 

The Blog Traffic Framework consists of 3 mini-frameworks:

  1. The Blog Attraction Framework
  2. The Pinterest Traffic Framework
  3. The SEO Traffic Framework

You’ll learn how to get consistent traffic to grow your blog with the following platforms:

  • Pinterest
  • Google
  • Reddit
  • Quora
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

The Blog Beautiful Framework

A great looking blog can produce great results. But that requires some technical know-how.

No worries.

In the Blog Beautiful Framework we’ll walk you through everything with regards to WordPress, GeneratePress, and Elementor.

I’ve Been There

I’ve been on the end where I was getting no blog traffic.

I’ve been on the end where I was getting millions of pageviews and then one day they all stopped because Pinterest killed my account.

I’ve been on the end of making no money for months.

I’ve been on the end of making $100,000 in 7 days.

If there is a part of the journey that you’re going to embark on, I’ve been there already.

What I’ve learned is that the people that succeed aren’t smarter, more skillful, or better at anything than me.

They simply follow a system.

And for someone like me who wants to live a relaxing life where I can spend all of the time I want with family and friends, it was that system that I finally needed to follow.

It’s why I’ve followed my own blog framework over 20+ times in the past 4 years and have seen success after success.

It’s why I’ve made over 7 figures in the past 3 years.

It’s why I’ve taught it to 1000s of people.

I’m teaching this stuff because I don’t see why anyone should be required to go through the same hiccups that I went through over the past two decades of building an online business.

The Bonus Courses

Remember how I said that the Blog Simple Framework was the most comprehensive blogging resource that you could buy?

These bonuses will show you why.

When you purchase the Blog Simple Framework, you also get access to some of our other premier courses in the Odd Noodle family:

  • Living Your Potential 
  • The Offer Map
  • The Copywriting Cookbook 
  • Landing Page Love Letters 
  • Micro-Offer Machines

While you’ll completely master blogging with the main courses, the goal is to help you build a complete online business.

For that reason, you will also be given access to 5 more courses (that include their own set of bonuses) to truly help you extend your business.

You’ll learn how to unlock the mindset that will truly push you over the top. 

You’ll also learn how to find the PERFECT product ideas for your audience and how to craft money-making landing pages with them.

These aren’t simple PDFs.

These are full-fledged courses that come with their own set of bonuses.

There is simply no other package that you can find anywhere that holds this depth of knowledge and information.

The Community

We understand that you don’t want to be stuck on an island alone. You want to know that there will be someone there to hold your hand and guide you when needed.

That’s why within Blog Simple Framework there are multiple avenues for getting help.

  1. Slack Community. Our realtime watercooler. Chat with other bloggers, ask questions (yes, you can ask us questions directly), and in general never feel like you don’t have someone to talk to.
  2. Course Community. Don’t need realtime chat but do want a more slow going chat experience? Then the Course community is for you.
  3. Email. We’re always available via email. It’s what We’re supposed to be available for.

The point is, you should never feel like you don’t have a place to turn to when you have a question.

See What Thassia Achieved...

I started blogging in February 2017 after seeing all the posts about blogs making $$$$$ passively. I followed one of those silly 'how to start a blog' post (aka blue host affiliate post), wrote about 5 personal stories and voila, I was a blogger. Two months later I wondering why the heck I wasn't millionaire yet. LOL.

I did buy new courses, watched videos, read loads of information online and tried to follow all the guidelines. Unlike most people I went full time pretty much from day one as my husband held the ship tight under my promise that I would have everything under control 'pretty soon'.

Well, how disappointing it was month after month to realize I wasn't getting anywhere. I was missing the part about making money, I couldn't wrap my head around how the success bloggers did it. I almost nearly gave up.

I bought your course on Feb 2018 and the content creation course (still my favorite!!) blew my mind. Finally I understood how to find popular content, how to write for the readers, how to solve a problem. This was seriously life changing for me! In May that year I started displaying mediavine ads on my first site.

Obviously I learnt much more than just content creation. I am still learning on a slower pace as I got a good rhythm and a solid basis.

Now I have 5 sites with Mediavine, some products bringing truly passive income and I my earnings are consistently good (had even 5 figures a couple of months in Q4). I am ambitious and I want to grow much further than my current situation but I feel successful in what I am doing, and for that I will be forever grateful to you.

Truly appreciate all your help and I am 100% sure I wouldn't be where I am if it wasn't for you. THANK YOU!

Thassia Dezan
Diary of a Journal Planner

Lifetime Access

What you learn in the Blog Simple Framework isn’t based around fads or hacks.

Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to force you to upgrade to a new version of courses that cover the same material.

When you purchase Blog Simple Framework you’ll get Lifetime Access to all of the courses above.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

This is where people get a bit dicey. They make you jump through crazy hoops to get your money back because there is a lack of trust.

Well, we’re going to put it out there.

If you trust us enough to purchase Blog Simple Framework, then we trust that you’ll try your best to take advantage of all of the material inside.

That’s why there is a 30-day money back guarantee if you pay in full today.

Loving your offer. 
I’ve spent tens of thousands of Euros on various online business courses in the last 10 years and this is the clearest, funniest, most compassionate set of instructions I’ve seen.
Maybe it’s also just perfect timing for me to understand what you’re talking about, since I’ve also clarified my own life so I can actually finally make my life real 😉
Either way, thanks &
very kindest regards, Anja

I’m Ready. Are You?

Take the leap today and get started on your blogging journey. You’ll get the most comprehensive blogging resource around.

Never worry about looking elsewhere for blogging help. Instead, spend your time focusing on growing your business.

And if you aren’t sure what this is about (hint: making money) then check out the video which is an actual lesson in the Blog Simple Framework.

Oh and as a Reminder...

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Because Who Has Time to Wait?

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Meet Rachel, Mother of Two and Monthly Salary Expander


Most frequent questions and answers

In a perfect world? Yes.

But we don’t live in a perfect world. We live in a world full of distractions and there are lots of things that will pop up during your journey.

I can’t answer for you because only you know how persistent you are when you set a goal.

What I can tell you is that every single thing that you need to accomplish that goal is here.

Okay, maybe you aren’t looking for a cool million but you’re obviously looking at this because you want to make money so how long will it take?

I have no idea.

I know that’s not the answer that you want, but everyone’s journey is different.

There are just too many factors that come into play (your time, your niche, your ability to produce quality content, etc) that dictate when things really start to look good for you.

The purpose of the Blog Simple Framework is to fast track all of that stuff for you.

Most of the courses are a mixture of text and video. I try my best to do mostly text as it’s easier to consume, but when it’s necessary I will use video.

Everything is self-paced so you get to decide your own schedule.

The Money Back Guarantee

Yes, we already talked about the money-back guarantee above but we want to do it again.

We fully believe in what we are doing which also means we are committed to providing you with the best blogging resource that you can find.

If you don’t think it fits the bill then there is no reason why you should be unhappy with your purchase.

We understand that some people will want to take advantage of this policy, but that doesn’t mean we should punish those that really want an opportunity to improve their lives.

You have 30 days to go through everything and get a feel for what the Blog Simple Framework offers.

We know it will be and we know you’ll make your money back many times over before that time period is up.

We don’t want you to jump through hoops if you’re unsatisfied. We don’t want to put artificial barriers in place for you to get the money you work so hard to make back.

If you promise to do your job then we promise to do ours.

About Me

Hi there again!

My goal is to serve you to the best of my abilities so I tend to forget to talk about myself a little bit.

I started blogging in 2003. I created my first online business, a blog network in the same year and sold it in 2007.

In 2016, I decided that I wanted to get back into blogging and was surprised with how much it changed.

I started a health and fitness blog and figured I would make it an instant success.

I was wrong.

Terribly, terribly wrong.

For the first 3 months I received a total of 1,100 pageviews.

That’s about 13 pageviews a day.

That’s when I realized that something needed to change so I buckled down, studied what other successful blogs were doing, and put together all of the best bits into a single framework.

Since then I’ve made over $1 million because of blogging and I don’t see that stopping any time soon.

People often ask me why I would teach others how to build successful blogs when I could spend my time working on my own.

The answer is pretty simple.

I’ve been in the situation where my back was against the wall. Where I had to work a 9-5 job that I hated. Where I couldn’t spend as much time with family and friends as I wanted. Where I wasn’t looking forward to the day.

I want to enjoy life because it’s the only one that I have and to do that I need money.

I figure others feel the same way so why not help them?

Besides, it’s more fun partying with others.

Not much fun being the only person that doesn’t have to go to a 9-5 every morning.

Choose Your Plan

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One Payment
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Payment Plan

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